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Kids Casting Call: May 17 4-6pm

Does your kid what it takes to be in the movies? Find out this weekend! The Knoxville Film & Music Festival in conjunction with WillRock Entertainment, Gage Talent Knoxville, and Talent Trek are holding auditions to find stars for the next WillRock Entertainment movie!

In addition to potential movie roles, Talent Trek and Gage will be looking to sign up and represent the next wave of movie stars!

  • WHO: Kids 6-13 and their families
  • WHAT: Open Casting Call for Kids!
  • WHEN: Saturday, May 17, 4-6pm
  • WHERE: Visit Knoxville, 301 S Gay St, Knoxville, TN 37902
  • PRICE: Absolutely FREE

To put your very best forward, please have a 2-3 minute monologue or story prepared in advance. No longer than 3 minutes, also please bring three photos to leave with three copies of a resume or at least a type sheet with all your stats and contact information.






CASTING: Auditions for Blue Haze

Skyshot Films
Auditions for Blue Haze:

Friday, November 18 at 6:30pm
Sunday, November 20 at 1pm

Technology Cooperative
130 W Jackson Ave
Knoxville, TN 37902

Blue Haze character breakdown…

JAKE – Mid-30’s, charming and the “every man”. A respected writer for a local publication, very down to Earth, and would do anything for his friends. Jake has a wit about him that could almost be categorized as “crying on the inside”. We first meet him at the end of year long depression. Jake could almost be jaded, but he would tell you that he’s a realist. Dates mostly out of boredom… – LEAD

RON – Mid-30’s, rugged, outdoorsy type and one of Jake’s best friends. A regular guy to Jake’s sometimes lofty world views, but keep each other grounded. Ron is in a relationship with a woman who seems distant so he looks to Jake for advice. He’s aware of Jake’s recent pain. He’s there for him, but doesn’t grasp exactly how serious things were. Ron has good street smarts, but doesn’t always get the emotional or the obvious. – LEAD

JIM – Late 20’s. Another friend to Jake and Ron. Professional and idealistic. Jim works hard to make a better life for himself and his fiancé. Has his world figured out, but is thrown a curve when he begins to question the loyalty and intentions of his wife to be. A good guy, extremely nice and never “whines”. But, at times, very young. – LEAD

LISA – Late 20s-40s (open). The girl next door that every man wishes they had in their life. Attractive, smart and has a great sense of humor. She’s Jake’s best friend and equal; she gets him, and vice versa. Lisa and Ron dated at one time, but were able to remain pals after the break up, keeping the group strong friends. She has street smarts and common sense, but as a lot of people do, involve themselves in the wrong types of relationships. This is what haunts Lisa. Lastly, she knows how deeply depressed Jake was, and speaks to him open and honestly about it… even if it makes him uncomfortable. – LEAD

JULIET – Late 20s-40s (open). A Head-Turner. Charismatic and educated. A writer from Seattle on special assignment, making her an outsider to the group. She’s a distant admirer of Jake’s writing, which eventually allows him to open up to her. Juliet is a woman of mystery who, admittedly, rarely let’s people in. Full of advice, yet a listener, she’s genuine and honest. Everyone takes to her… But Juliet, like all of us, has secrets. – LEAD

CATHERINE – Late 20’s. A cute girl from an upper-crust family. She’s Jim’s fiancé, and has built a life with him. She seems very loyal to him, and can’t WAIT for their wedding day, but she’s been spending a lot of time with an old friend. She says he’s “harmless”. Catherine’s very conservative, and is a master at arguments, especially with Jim. – SUPPORTING

SELINA – 50. A jovial intellectual who throws parties, loves to talk about work, writing and fashion. Jake’s boss, and all business – most of the time. We never see her in this environment, however, because she’s having constant holiday parties. Is strict on Jake, but admires his talent. -SUPPORTING

CALISTA – Mid-30’s. Jake’s old friend from college who was, at one time, in love with him. Hardened, but vulnerable. She can easily talk to Jake about her life, even when she has shut off everyone else. Most would find her to be a jarring personality, but Jake finds her amusing, sincere and laughs at her observations on life. – SUPPORTING

ILSE – Late 20’s-30’s. Stunning. A memory. Seen only in flashback and photographs. – (NON-SPEAKING) – FEATURED

BETH – Late 20s-30s. A good looking professional gal, but has seen better days, in her mind. An ex-advertising model that dates Ron. She seems angry and bitter and distracted by something else. She only finds happiness in hanging out with her best friend Lynn… and alcohol. – PRINCIPAL

LYNN – Late 20’s-Mid 30’s. A regular gal who is Beth’s best friend. An observer… doesn’t say much. – PRINCIPAL

BOB – Mid-40’s. A professional, self made man. Charismatic and confident. A clotheshorse who loves his “things”. Lisa’s current beau, but not a man to be crossed. – PRINCIPAL

LORI – Late 20’s-30s. Cute, with amazing eyes. A red head. She smiles at Jim at the coffee shop, which makes him question everything he has been working for. A sweet girl. – PRINCIPAL

DJ WES – 30’s – 50’s. Morning local DJ who holds court every weekday from 7-10AM. A big fan of local interest, and loves interviewing Jake. Good speaking voice. – PRINCIPAL

MITCHELL – Late 20’s. Artsy. “Boho Sheik”. The man who has distracted Catherine. (NON-SPEAKING) – FEATURED EXTRA

RANDOM ATTRACTIVE GUY IN A HOTEL BAR – Mid 30’s-40s. His character name speaks for itself. Goes back to a hotel room with Lisa. (NON-SPEAKING) – FEATURED EXTRA

WAITRESS – Any age. Tired. Brings Jake drinks not ordered by him. Appreciates a good sense of humor. – FEATURED EXTRA

For more information, contact kelly @ or mike @



Looking for
MALE age 35-45
Dark Hair (full head of hair), Italian-looking
Brown Eyes
6′ or taller
Physically Fit

Shoot dates: September 21-23 for TV show re-enactment, no lines

Please send head shot and body shot to along with your height and weight.
No experience necessary.
Photos do not need to be professional, but at least 10K in size and please label the photos with your first and last name.
Pay: $200

American Idol Auditions in Nashville!

Once again, aspiring singers will have the incredible opportunity to audition in cities across the country to become the next American Idol as the No. 1 show on television begins auditions for its milestone 10th season on Saturday, July 17 in Nashville, TN. The search for the next singing superstar will continue in Milwaukee, WI, on Wednesday, July 21; New Orleans, LA, on Monday, July 26; East Rutherford, NJ, on Tuesday, Aug. 3; Austin, TX, on Wednesday, Aug. 11; and San Francisco, CA, on Thursday, Aug. 19.

In celebration of the momentous 10th anniversary and in an effort to continue to find the best undiscovered talent in the nation, American Idol is expanding the eligibility age range for the first time ever to include hopefuls from 15 to 28 years old. (The previous minimum age requirement was 16.)

“A lot of young, talented people are now seeking careers and representation before they turn 16,” said Cecile Frot-Coutaz, executive producer of American Idol. “Lowering the age limit allows us to tap into this talent pool.”

American Idol auditions will be held as follows:

Nashville, TN Saturday, July 17 Bridgestone Arena
Milwaukee, WI Wednesday, July 21 Bradley Center
New Orleans, LA Monday, July 26 TBD
East Rutherford, NJ Tuesday, August 3 Izod Center
Austin, TX Wednesday, August 11 Frank Erwin Center
San Francisco, CA Thursday, August 19 AT&T Park

Casting call for PAID TV Work!


Knoxville production company is looking for women and men interested in acting.  No experience is necessary.  There are no lines to remember and little face is shown on camera. 

We film re-enactments for a hit cable TV show and are looking for a talent base of people of ALL AGES, SIZES,  RACES, and LOOKS.  Again, no experience necessary, but must have good work ethic, good attitude, be comfortable on camera as well as being directed.   

All looks are welcome and needed!  Shoots are fun and low-key.

Next film dates are APRIL 21-22 and we’re looking specifically for a woman in her 30’s with long, dark brown, curly hair, average height and weight.  All entries are welcome, as we have several parts to fill.

PLEASE ATTACH TWO PHOTOS OF YOURSELF – one must be a head and shoulders shot, and another full-body.  These DO NOT need to be professional, but of high enough resolution to see what you look like.  Please state your age, height and weight, and any experience if you have it.  EMAIL TO:

Thanks for your interest and please respond via email – –  with any questions, or if you would like more information.

3-day Intensive Creative Workshop

Joy Morris is an international Acting Teacher. 30 yrs experience in Hollywood, New York and Abroad. This workshop is for Actors, Executives, Sales, Writers, and anyone who wants to learn professional acting skills that will teach them how to free their inhibitions and communicate more expressively. 

June 19, 20, 21 in Knoxville. For detailed information go to or ph 865-712-1132

Filmmaker Needing Extras for Oak Ridge Film Shoot

OAK RIDGE, TN – If you ever wanted to be in the movies, here’s your chance. Oak Ridge filmmaker Keith McDaniel is directing a new short film and needs more than 100 extras for a specific scene.

The film is titled SUNDAY DINNER and is a short narrative comedy written by McDaniel. He describes the film as, “When a young pastor and his family have dinner at the home of the chairman of the deacons, anything can happen!”

Extras are needed for a church congregation on Saturday, May 16th from 2-5 pm at the United Church Chapel on the Hill. McDaniel said he needs the extras to be men, women and children – ages 8 to 80.

If you are interested in being an extra in the film, email for more information. If you do not have email and want to participate, call 865-742-8783.

Casting for Sunday Dinner

Secret City Films announces a Casting Call for a narrative short film scheduled to shoot in
mid-May 2009. Below is information about the audition and production schedule.

APRIL 11, 2009
Midtown Community Center, 102 Robertsville Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Adults: 1 pm
Children: 3 pm
(All roles are non-paid)

MALE – Age: Mid 30s (Pastor)
MALE – Age: 60-75 (Deacon)
MALE – Age: 5-6 (Pastor’s son)
FEMALE – Age: Mid 30s (Pastor’s wife)
FEMALE – Age: 60-75 (Deacon’s wife)
FEMALE – Age: 10-12 (Pastor’s daughter and Narrator)
FEMALE – Age: 40-50 (Housekeeper)

EXTRAS – Ages: 8 to 80 (Need 100 extras for church congregation for half day on May 16th)
Extras are not required to audition, however, if you are interested in being an extra, please email
Keith McDaniel at for information and to sign up.

TITLE:             SUNDAY DINNER (Written and to be Directed by Keith McDaniel)
GENRE:         Narrative Short (Comedy)
SHOOT DATES:    May 15-16, 2009
LOCATIONS:    To Be Determined (in the Oak Ridge area)
TIME PERIOD:    Present Day

When the new pastor of Henry Baptist Church takes his family to Sunday dinner at the home of the Chairman of the Deacons…anything can happen!

Audience Members Needed for CMT Taping!

Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson come to Fiddler’s Roost on June 15, 2008.

Come join popular GONE COUNTRY cast mates, Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson as they head south again for the new CMT series, OUTSIDER’S INN. On June 15th, our celebrities along with a surprise celebrity guest will judge a talent contest at Fiddler’s Roost in Parrotsville, TN. This event will be televised for the series.

If you wish reserve a seat to be part of an audience, please email your name, phone number, and email address to Doors open at 4:00pm. Show starts at 5:30pm. You MUST RSVP to attend this taping.

CASTING: “Greener” by Secret City Films

Secret City Films is now casting for “Greener”, a narrative short to be directed by Keith McDaniel and shot in July in Oak Ridge and Knoxville. The film will star Natalie Canerday (Sling Blade, October Sky). CLICK HERE FOR CASTING LIST.

Speaking Roles:

BILL GREENER – (typical middle-aged (35-50), overweight husband)

Non-Speaking Roles:

Workout Participant #2 – (male, 20-30, inshape, good looking)

Workout Participant #3 – (female, 20-30, inshape, good looking)

Workout Participant #3 – (female, 20-30, inshape, good looking)

Dancer/Pierre – (male 30ish, handsome, must be able to dance)

Dancer/Antonio – (male 30ish, handsome, Latino, must be able to Tango)

Dancer/Kenny – (male 30ish, handsome, must be able to dance)

To be contacted about an audition, please email headshot and resume to Keith McDaniel at