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Made in Tennessee

Sunday, May 3 at 8pm

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The best of the Knoxville timed film competitions from 2014 and 2015 and two great short films made by Tennessee Filmmakers, Adam Lau and Matthew Fisher.

Say It Ain’t Toe

USA | Matt Brewster | 4:20

BEST FILM: 2014 Knoxville 24 Hour Film festival. Written, shot, edited in 24 hours with the given tag line to work into the movie: “a narcoleptic construction worker goes on a buddy trip, all for a toe.”

The Err$ of Birdie Hollow

USA | Stephen Ballast | 7:00

BEST FILM: Knoxville 7 Day Shootout 2014. Upon the death of Bucephelus Beuford Birdie III, his dysfunctional family gathers for the reading of his will. In order to inherit the estate, they must find the key to the farm house that he has hidden somewhere on the family farm.

Shades of Pure Evil Volume VI

USA | Ed Bailey | 3:30

Produced for the Knoxville Grindhouse Grindout. In the sixth-entry of the acclaimed horror series, a dystopian society’s fate will be decided through a conflict involving a rising fascist power, a rag-tag gang of laser punks, and a woodland messiah.

Bobby Fakes a Wish

USA |Nick Grahl | 6:10
BEST FILM: 2015 Knoxville 54 Hour Film Festival. Bobby tries his hand at getting famous by exploiting his son on a live TV show.

I Hurt You

USA | Kevin Wines and Amy Eakins | 4:23

Created for the Music Composer Challenge with music by Nolan Neal.


USA | Matthew Fisher | 10:34 | Made in Tennessee | Sun @7:45

Mono no aware – Japanese for ‘sadness for the transience of things.’ This story explores the environment of the teppanyaki restaurant through the eyes of an aging chef. A slice-of-life meditation on life’s fading joys, and its moments of rejuvenation.


USA | Adam Lau |9:18 | Made in Tennessee | Sun @8pm

LiL iFFy is bringing down the curtain on his accidental wizard rap career. But walking out is easy. The hard part is not coming back.

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